How it works?

Booking of Accommodations:

InapDesa helps the public (or users) to discover accommodation (such as homestays, hotels, etc.) offered by owners for short term rental. Users may browse the InapDesa website to search for suitable accommodation listed there. To book accommodation, users must Sign In after having Signed Up. Booking of accommodation by users is free of charge. Upon submission of booking by users, InapDesa booking system will notify the user by email regarding the booking made and at the same time will email to owner to get his confirmation on the booking. A text (sms) is also sent to owner informing him of the new booking. Owner is expected to respond to the booking request immediately whether to accept or to decline. Immediate action by owner will enable securing of accommodation unit by short notice thus maximizing sales (rental) of units and enhance user convenience and popularity in using InapDesa booking system. A 48 hours’ response time limit is arbitrarily stated but owners shouldn’t really take that much time to respond. When owner responds to the booking i.e. whether accept or decline, user will be notified of such by email and as well as by text (sms). Therefore confirmation of booking should not take too long and it all depends on owner responsiveness. If owner confirms to accept the booking, owner will be provided with the telephone number and other contact details of the user or guest that made the booking. The guest will also receive a confirmation email on the booking. The owner should then contact the guest at the earliest possible time by phone call or text (such as whatsapp or sms) to make the necessary arrangement for payment (such as deposit or full payment as practised by owner), time and place for key collection, etc.

List Your Space or Register of Accommodation by Owners of homestays, hotels, etc.:

Accommodation owners who have registered as users may list their space or register their homestays, hotels, etc. with InapDesa booking system. Once listing or registration has been approved by InapDesa admin, the accommodations in the listing will be right away become viewable to the public in the whole world for their viewing, assessment, selection and booking. Owners should provide as much information as possible relating to the accommodation premises such as number of rooms, sizes of rooms, number of beds that accommodates the number of people, facilities provided, nearby attractions, transportation available, food, etc. Owners are urged to provide/upload many good quality pictures of their accommodation which reflect the true condition and not misleading. However owners are prohibited to provide any info on communication such as telephone numbers, emails, website or blog address, etc. due to InapDesa requires that all communication leading to confirmation of booking shall be done through InapDesa booking system. This is due to the fact that InapDesa being a booking system operator that works in partnership with accommodation owners for a win-win basis, needs to ensure that all bookings confirmation occur in the know by InapDesa for this purpose. Owners and InapDesa should work together enriching each other and to thrive in this service industry for the benefit of all of us as users as well.

Promotion and Advertisement of Accommodation in InapDesa Booking System:

InapDesa will make promotion on InapDesa booking system which include all the accommodation registered with InapDesa so that more and more people will discover the registered accommodation in InapDesa and use the InapDesa booking system which ultimately will benefit all parties involved namely users, owners and InapDesa.

Additional Info for Owners:

The relationship between owners and InapDesa is a partnership where both parties should benefit from the relationship on a win-win manner. InapDesa is compensated for providing the booking services by a small fee of 5 % on the rental amount. This value may be revised from time to time. Owners may list one or more accommodation properties under one name.